Monday, February 22, 2010

Pretty sweet Trans-Am racer.

Leighton Reese and I built this car completely from scratch. The chassis is made from round, and square tubing for added rigidity. There were some rules, that allowed for a lighter car, and we built this car specifically for them. Four speed, 5-bolt wheels, over slung front clip, quick-change rear-end. It was powered by a 302 Chevyrolet making about 610Hp, we raced it in the SCCA Trans-Am series.

The quick-change alone was pretty trick, we flipped it around, and ran the driveshaft thru, what was the back cover, via a custom driveshaft
. It took about an hour to change the gears, but that was still quick by comparison.

The body was a stock ASA oval track body when we started. We sectioned 4 inches out of the doors, and roof. Molded, and built our own front fenders, and hood. The decklid, hood, roof, and fenders we re-popped in carbon fiber.

It was a pretty awesome car at the time, and very competitive, especially on a per dollar basis, compared to our competition.

It was an awesome expierance, and extremly educational.

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